Camp Fees

This camp runs off  the help of everyone in the camp first, and donations second.  Your camp fees are a critical contribution to the camp, not only in running the bar and stage but also in just making and running the space where we will all live together.

Pay your camp fees here »

Your camp fees pay for all of this good stuff:

  • Alcohol.  Water.  Mixers.  Alcohol.
  • Bands.  Music.  Crowds.  Ok those are free, but all that equipment isn’t. Nor is the work to get them all there.
  • Shade structure for the band and the bar, and tent city.
  • *Your* kitchen.
  • Private porta potty. You have no idea how precious this is.
  • Lighting, stools, tables.  Alcohol.
  • Grey water and a shower.

Camp Credits

If you have a credit with the camp, there is an option in the payment form for you to specify the balance owed.  Please read the instructions on the form, and provide all requested details in the notes section.

camp fees

  • $250 if paid before August 1 and you’re a fine human being.
  • $250 it paid after, but there’s always the $350 “rock star” option, asshole.

Pay your camp fees here »

If you need assistance paying your fees, please contact us.  Seriously.