Plans for 2019

Here’s an overview of what we’re aiming for this year.  If you have any additional ideas or comments, please contact us.

Stage and music

We’re always looking for acts new and old to fill our stage.  We’re open all week and have plenty of slots.  We’d love you to play, or will gladly accept all leads or help any of you can give.  Let’s keep the HOTD stage rocking.  Contact Us!

This year we will be replacing a few key pieces of our sound system. In 2018 we replace our mixing board, main speakers, microphones, stands and cables.  For 2019 we have a new Bluetooth enabled PA system so the bar can play music tracks from  your phones when the stage is dark.

Leadership team

Randy will remain our fearless mayor, since he rocked that shit last year.  Seriously, we should all love Randy for the feet on the street work that he did on our behalf, that few of us saw.  So far our 2019 leadership team includes Randy, Jim, Anonymous Oliver, Meep, and Confusiuon and for 2019 we added Chris, now we have our own Playa Jesus.  This could include YOU too.  Join up!

Signup form

Since 2017 all our forms are private.  Easy to use, responses are delivered to a private google doc that only the camp the leadership team can see.

This lets us know your intent and existence.  Feel free to submit this form any time, it doesn’t require payment of camp fees to complete.