Welcome to HOTD!

HOTD is the longest running bar on the playa, and is still the diviest bar full of friendly jackasses you’ve ever seen.  You should come join us.

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In 2016  HOTD was recognized with an Award of Excellence for the Best Bar on the Playa. Below is a group photo of some of out campers with the award.  Let’s face it, running a camp is a group effort and everyone who did anything at all for the camp — tending bar, getting ice, chatting with people, setting up, tearing down, or just being great company — helped HOTD get this recognition. So, for all of us, those who attended in 2016 and those who have been instrumental in molding the ethos of HOTD, all you veterans who did not or could not attend, you are to blame for our success. Thanks everyone who contributed from the playa and from your homes. Looking forward to 2017!


2017 Burning Man Award Of Excellence