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HOTD is the longest running bar on the playa. Straight up booze and entertainment. We are proud to be a 3rd time winner of the Award of Excellence for the best bar on the playa in 2016,  2017 and 2018…. 

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We’re looking for your help to keep HOTD a HOT MESS.  All we ask is a  small donation, and that you pass the word on by sharing this link on your social media. No one has to give a lot, if everyone gives a little.

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We’re looking forward to 2019!

Below is a 2018 group photo of some of out campers with the award.  Let’s face it, running a camp is a group effort and everyone who did anything at all for the camp — tending bar, getting ice, chatting with people, setting up, tearing down, or just being great company — helped HOTD get this recognition.

2018 Burning Man Award Of Excellence